Friday, October 22, 2010

Broaden your imagination

When you live in another country and culture , one of the most fascinating experience  is to learn each day new words supporting different images and symbols: each day you broaden your imagination… and especially with slang images! You cannot use them in a very select conversation, it’s not politically correct…

So today I learned

  • -        A  “pain in the ass”: (littéralement: une peine dans le cul).  In my favorite coffee bar, I was speaking to a man: he told me that he came in this place to work, because his wife was always struggling with him:  she was a “pain in the ass”…. But I learned also that you can use this expression for all the administrative paper pressures and work.

  • -        A “brain fart”:(littéralement un pet du cerveau) I really like this image… when we speak, most of us we say “hums!  you know, you know… “ and all these different noises… A friend called these hesitations “brain farts”.

  • -        Today I learned also a very awkward expression: don’t use it but the image behind is striking:   if you want to say that you do not care, that it does not concern you, is not important to you, use this interesting image: “I don’t give a flying fuck” (littéralement: je n’accorde pas un “foutrage” en vol! cela enrichit l’imagination! Isn’t it?)

Each day brings its opening to new images:  the gifts to a stranger, if you love the country you are living in and are not only a visiting tourist.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My blog’s goal

Hi International Friend and citizen of our World Village

Living half of my life in France and in the U.S.A., for more than 8 years now, I experience each day our cultural differences and surprises... especially as a French man interacting with my American Sweetheart and other awesome women and men… My goal is to relate my daily experiences, in order to share those stories and in order to also understand more deeply the American people I Love.